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teeth Whitening

Dental whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is an effective way to enhance the brightness of your teeth. Whether stained by food, wine, tobacco, or age, our dental whitening procedure can revitalize your smile.

whitening options

While there are a myriad of different whitening options on the market, here at Essence Dentistry & Cosmetics, we offer 2 whitening modalities. 

In-office whitening

Perfect for when you are seeking accelerated results, in office whitening utilizes a powerful bleaching agent under the supervision of our well trained team. Patients will remain in the dental chair for the entirety of the treatment, and can see their results instantaneuosly when treatment has been completed. 

take home whitening

Well-suited for patients who enjoy whitening at their own pace. Our team will fabricate custom bleaching trays for our patients, and provide them with a take home version of our bleaching agent. Patients can follow the directions at home to fill their trays up and whiten on their own. Additional refill tubes of the bleaching agent will be available for purchase. 

Illuminate your smile

If you are ready to brighten your smile, give us a call today and get booked for your next whitening service.