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Composite Bonding

Revitalize your smile with composite bonding, seamlessly reshaping and restoring teeth for a natural, beautiful appearance.

Chipped, cracked or discolored teeth? Regain your smile confidence!

Composite bonding, also known as a composite veneer, is the casual term for the application of dental resin-based composite to the facial surface of a tooth in order to improve the aesthetics of a patients smile. Composite is the most commonly used material for dental fillings, and are typically applied in a similar fashion to conventional fillings. Due to the use of dental bonding adhesive to bind the composite to the tooth surface, the procedure became casually referred to as “Bonding”.

Composite Bonding Procedure

The teeth are evaluated based on size, shape, and angulation.

If there is inadequate room for the restorations, or if significant shape or color changes are desired, the preparation (removal) of tooth structure may be required.

A custom design is created to increase the precision of the bonding.


What can I expect on prep day?


Once the planning process has been completed, preparations can take place.

We will then prep your teeth as minimally as possible.

A specific application process is then followed to bond the dental composite to the tooth. Once the material has been adapted to the tooth


Finishing & After Care


Once the composite has been placed and cured, it is given a final round of shaping and polishing to recreate lifelike features on the teeth, and achieve the desired aesthetics of our patients.

Instructions will be provided to ensure our patients know how to properly care for their restorations


Cosmetic composite bonding is a great procedure to consider if you are seeking an impactful improvement to your overall smile at a reasonable cost. They are also a fantastic option for individuals seeking a single visit treatment option that can transform their appearance. With the proper technique and application, composite bonding should be a long term solution for those who receive the treatment.

Composite Bonding Benefits

Repair Chips

Restore teeth by filling in chips and cracks for a smooth, even appearance

Close Gaps

Close small gaps between teeth to improve overall smile aesthetics

Natural Look

Achieve a seamless blend with natural teeth color and texture for a lifelike result

Strengthen Teeth

Reinforce weakened teeth and protect them from further damage

Looking for Composite Bonding treatments in Forney?

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