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Dental implants restore smiles seamlessly, replacing missing teeth with durable, natural-looking fixtures for a confident and complete smile.

Rediscover confidence with seamless dental implants for a natural, radiant smile

Implants are a dental prosthetic typically made from Titanium, that is surgically inserted into the bone, replacing the deeper root structure from the missing tooth. Once the implant is fully healed, a crown or tooth like restoration is connected to it.

Implants Procedure

First is the preparation:

Before an implant can be placed, the recipient site must be properly prepared to ensure adequate support. Often, bone grafting is necessary to replenish insufficient bone levels. A CBCT, or 3D X-ray is taken of the patient, and surgery is planned out precisely.

Surgery Day:

You will be prepped and properly cared for during the surgery. We will place the implant, suture the site, and provide a temporary restoration if possible. After surgery, we will provide you or your guardian with post-op instructions.

And then we wait:

Implants require several months to fuse to your bone, a process called Osseointegration. After a sufficient time has passed, we uncover the implant and check if it has healed. Once the implant has fully integrated, we are ready to begin the restoration process.

Delivery and After Care:

After the implant has been cleared, we scan for the fabrication of the crown. Once the crown has been fabricated, we deliver it in our office. Post-op instructions are then provided to ensure proper maintenance.


Implants are also a great treatment option for patients who currently have or anticipate having dentures. The process is very similar to the one listed above, but at the delivery appointment, we will connect the implants to the dentures.

Implants Benefits

Permanent Solution

Dental implants provide a long-lasting solution for tooth loss, integrating with the jawbone to become a permanent part of the mouth.

Preservation of Jawbone

Implants prevent jawbone deterioration by stimulating it, maintaining facial structure and preventing premature aging.

Improved Functionality

Dental implants allow for confident speech and efficient chewing, similar to natural teeth, enhancing overall quality of life.

Enhanced Oral Health

Unlike dental bridges, implants don't require altering adjacent teeth, promoting better long-term oral health and hygiene.

Natural Look and Feel

Implants are custom-designed to blend seamlessly with existing teeth, providing a natural appearance and restoring confidence in one's smile.

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