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Preserve your teeth's integrity with tooth-colored fillings, restoring damaged areas seamlessly for a strong, healthy smile.

Get the smile of your dreams

A minimally invasive and virtually painless procedure that can be done in just one visit.

Used to restore teeth damaged by decay. Teeth are prepared, removing all contaminated tissue. Surface is then cleaned, and restored utilizing composite resin, porcelain, or other dental materials.

Dental fillings are a dental restorations treatment used to repair damaged, decayed or worn teeth. They are used to repair cracked or broken teeth and help prevent further deterioration by ‘filling’ in the cavity or crack.

Composite fillings are incredibly strong and great to treat most cavities but are not permanent and will probably have to be replaced after about 7 to 10 years

Fillings Procedure

The process of composite dental fillings is a straightforward procedure and can be completed in a single visit, unless there are any additional requirements. It is a minimally invasive treatment.

Firstly, your dentist will choose a composite resin shade that best matches your natural tooth colour. This will be done before your mouth and teeth dry out to ensure the best possible match.

Next, an anaesthetic will be administered to numb the tooth and its surrounding areas so that you do not feel any pain. Your dentist will then remove the decayed part of the tooth by drilling the tooth enamel. The tooth will be cleaned and dried, and depending on the level of damage, your tooth may require some shaving.

After that, your dentist will etch and bond the tooth. The composite filling will be layered into the hole in your tooth. Once filled, a special light will be used to cure the composite filling, helping it to set securely. As the filling is applied in layers, each layer will be cured individually with the light before moving onto the next.

Once the filling has hardened, your dentist will shape and contour the treated tooth and polish it. Finally, your bite will be checked to ensure that you are comfortable, and that your tooth can function properly after the treatment.


Proper aftercare and maintenance can help your composite dental fillings last longer. It is important that you follow the recommended dental care procedures to ensure the longevity of your fillings. You should maintain good oral hygiene by incorporating an oral care routine into your daily schedule. After the procedure, take the prescribed medications to control tenderness and contact your dentist if the sensitivity persists beyond a few days. Avoid drinking hot beverages immediately after the procedure and refrain from chewing on the treated side until the numbness has worn off.

Fillings Benefits

Natural appearance

Tooth coloured fillings blend in well with your natural teeth enamel, making them practically invisible and not stand out. They look perfectly natural


Compared to silver dental fillings, composite fillings require minimal removal of the enamel. This helps maintain the tooth structure's integrity and strength. In fact, composite fillings can provide additional strength to the weakened tooth


Resin fillings have no adverse effects, making them perfect for individuals who are susceptible to allergies

Quick Results

Composite fillings harden quickly and bond with your tooth within a few seconds, making them less likely to come off. Once the filling is applied to the enamel, a special light accelerates the hardening process, leading to quick results

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