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When we designed the office, our focus was on creating a dental oasis that achieved serenity. No stress is allowed in this office and we give our best effort into maintaining a sense of calm relaxation. 


We promise, you will never find dentists more passionate and in love with the field of dentistry than we are. 


We have placed an emphasis on obtaining as much advanced training and education as possible, completed hundreds of hours of Continuing Education.


This advanced training allows us to provide a full suite of advanced dental procedures for our patients. 


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The people

Dr. Bragg and Dr. Iromuanya are unified by their shared love of exceptional care. Please click on their names above to learn more about them individually. 

Meet Dr. Bragg! 


Born and raised right here in Forney, Dr. Bragg has aspired to practice in her home town for as long as she remembers.


Dr. Bragg loves Continuing Education, and has taken courses ranging from cosmetic dentistry, heart and systemic health and its connection to oral health, and Invisalign therapy. She also has trained with the AAFE in Botox and Fillers. 


Book a consult with Dr. Bragg today to find out more on how she can help you achieve your dream smile. 



Meet Dr. Iromuanya! 


A DFW Native, Dr. Iromuanya is thrilled to join Dr. Bragg in serving the Forney community. 


With a background in Psychology, Dr. Iromuanya has a stress-free approach to dental treatment. Passionate about CE Dr. Iromuanya has completed courses on Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Surgeries, Invisalign, and Endodontics. 


If you are in need of dental care, please book your consultation with Dr. Iromuanya today!